Dental Assistant Job Description

If you have ever thought of embarking upon a financially lucrative career, complete with excellent benefits, then the position of dental assistant might be one to consider.

The position is one that is fairly easy to enter, as it normally requires no more than seven to eleven months of training before you are eligible to receive your certification. Once your training and certification are complete, you can find work as a dental assistant with relative ease, as the position is in ever growing demand all across the country.

An All Purpose Position:

dental assistant at workThe job description of dental assistant is one that is generally an “all purpose” position. For example, while some individuals employed in this position will spend the majority of their time in the office working alongside the dentist during procedures, others may find themselves functioning as more of a receptionist and record keeper.

The exact requirements of the position will tend to vary from office to office, as well as region to region. A dental assistant working in a small private dentist’s office in a rural area in Maine may generally have more duties to perform than one who works alongside a staff of numerous assistants in a major dental center in New York City.

Job Description For A Dental Assistant:

Here are some, but by no means all, of the various duties that normally come under the heading of a standard dental assistant job description:

  • Handling the phones and scheduling appointments for the patients.
  • Keeping track of patients’ medical records.
  • Receiving and recording bill payments from patients.
  • Taking and processing x-rays.
  • Sterilizing the equipment used by the dentist.
  • Keeping track of equipment.
  • Handing equipment to the dentist during a procedure.
  • Helping nervous or anxious patients to remain calm before, during, and after the procedure.

What Is The Average Work Environment For A Dental Assistant?

The average work environment for a person in this position will be a private dentist’s office. Alternatively, one might work in a hospital, a larger dental center, or in an educational capacity at a college or vocational school. Most, however, will prefer to work in a private office for a single employer.

Most assistants will work normal, “9 to 5” style, office hours. Occasionally, they may be called upon to work weekends or late night hours, especially if they are employed at a hospital or larger dental center.

What Are Working Conditions Like?

Most people who are employed as a dental assistant will report that their work environment is very comfortable, well lit, and professional. It is true that conditions may become stressful during a period of heavy patient visitation, such as during a major holiday.

However, for the most part, assistants who work in a dentist’s office will work normal office hours, full time, with weekends off. The job pays very well, and provides excellent vacation and medical benefits.

All in all, this is one of the medical positions which a person can jump into with relative ease. The rewards are numerous, while possibilities for employment and career advancement are seemingly endless.

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